Steve Carlyle ~ Brisbane Acoustic Soloist & Songwriter


Steve Carlyle

Growing up on a rural cattle property, Steve Carlyle found his passion for music, song writing and live performance at an early age. From playing guitar in high school bands, writing songs with mates and discovering an ever-growing affinity with music from the likes of Pete Murray, Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons, Steve soon fine tuned his way into the local music industry in Brisbane.


In his early twenties, Steve quickly struck out in his natural element as a soloist. He soon found himself playing at small functions, cafes, church events, and various public gigs. It wasn’t long before his diverse songlist, upbeat folky style, and ability to tweak and adapt covers for any moment, was recognised by listeners as fitting for a wedding atmosphere.


From 2015 - 2020, Steve was able to expand his music portfolio, by providing entertainment to a variety of audiences and venues throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and the Whitsundays.


Some of the venues he has regularly performed at include:



Today, you’ll find Steve regularly performing for weddings of all sizes throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW.


From intimate elopements to large weddings involving several location changes, Steve’s passion for creating a unique musical experience for his clients and their guests has seen him successfully deliver entertainment packages that meet the expectations of today's wedding industry.


If you are looking for a musician you can trust with your entire wedding process, can learn and cover your favourite songs for your key moments, will read the room and ensure no part of your wedding atmosphere is lacking, contact Steve!


You can be sure that you have your special day in his experienced and professional hands.


Also, as part of his diverse skillset, Steve offers additional DJ services for the end of the evening celebrations.